New Moon A Brief Summary the Second Book of the Twilight SagaNew Moon A Brief Summary the Second Book of the Twilight Saga

New Moon:A Brief Summary

May Contain Spoilers
New Moon A Brief Summary the Second Book of the Twilight Saga New Moon starts at the Cullen's house on Bella Swan's eightenth birthday. As she opens a gift, the wrapping paper gives her a paper cut. Jasper, the newest vampire to take up the non-human diet leaps at her, and Edward jumps in between them to save her. He later decides to make a heart-wretching desicion to move away and leave Bella because he and his family are too dangerous for her. He lies to her and convinces her that he doesn't love her anymore. This destroys her. She lives her life for months without really living. She is in a "zombie-like" state because she just stayed in the house and didn't socialize. it is only until she goes to the movies to please her father Charlie that something happens. While walking around at night, she sees a group of drunken men. She walks up to them, remembering when Edward saved her from them. As she walks closer, she hears Edward's voice in her head telling her not to do anything stupid. She later discovers that whenever she does anything reckless or stupid she hears his voice subconsciously. When she drives down the street and sees two run-down motocycles, she automatically thinks of her Native-American friend Jacob Black to fix up the bikes. She though that would be the perfect stupid thing to do to hear Edward's voice again. She starts to get a life back while hanging out with Jake and doing dangerous things. Victoria comes back to Forks avenging her mate James things are only getting more dangerous for Bella, but she doesn't care. She is fed up and wants to do something so reckless and stupid to hear his voice for days. She jumps off a cliff, into a river because Jake said he would take her cliff diving. Victoria is in the river, and she almost drowns, but Jake saved her, because he is now a werewolf! Alice Cullen sees her jump off the cliff in a vision and thinks she is dead. She contacts Edward who is heart-broken. He rushes to Italy to the Volturi to be killed. But Alice and Bella fly to Italy and save him. Edward promises to never leave her again and to always look after her especially because of Victoria. So the Cullens move back in and order is restored.

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