Twilight A Brief SummaryTwilight A Brief Summary

Twilight:A Brief Summary

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Twilight A Brief Summary
Twilight starts out in the perspective of seventeen year old Isabella Swan, "Bella" who has a normal boring life, until she moves to Forks, Washington with her father Charlie. She doesn't expect anything to change because what could happen in a small town where it never stops raining? But she was wrong! As soon as she laid her eyes on Edward Cullen, her life changed completely. He and his brothers and sisters were so beautiful, and she couldn't help staring. At first she tries to avoid Edward, and acts as if he is annoying, but really she is burning inside to get to know him. She later finds out that he is different that he is a vampire! Even though Edward tells her to stay away, she still tries to talk to him in school, and finds any excuse she can to be near him. Their relationship strenghtens, and she finally begins to realize that her life is in danger because of her hanging out with the Cullens. Just one simple game of baseball, (well, it is vampire baseball) She encounters a tracker (James). James instantly becomes obsessed with Bella, and decides to track her. The Cullens try to keep her safe, but since Bella is so stubborn, she decides she will go after him herself. She will do anything to try and save her mother. She meets James in a ballet studio where he attacks her. In the end Edward and the Cullens save her, and Edward and Bella promise to be together forever.

Can't stand to know what happens next?
New Moon: The second book in the Twilight Saga

Here is a sample clip of the book.

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