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Twilight video movie gallery official trailers and teaser trailers behind the scenes videos with actors like Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, official movie scenes before they come out. Here there are tons of comprehensive videos to help fill your craving of knowledge for when the move comes out in December. There are tons of teaser trailers, cast and crew interviews, and behind the scenes "on the set" videos to explain what is going on with filming and the making of Twilight.


Official Trailer

The official teaser trailer of Twilight is action-packed full of romance, and the long awaited fight scene between Edward Cullen and the tracker hunting Bella Swan, James. It also reveals some clues about how the actors Robert Pattinson, and Kristen Stewart will portray their all-too-important roles. This is the first trailer put out for Twilight. This movie comes out on December 12, 2008, and every Twi-hard will sure to react to see the explosive talents of all of the actors on the big screen. For more information about the movie Twilight, check out the movie page at twilight

Second Teaser Trailer

This is the second official teaser Trailer. It aired on Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday. This video starts off with Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) questioning Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). It then goes deeper into their relationship when Bella's life is threatened because of the evil tracker, James (Cam Gigandet)who is hunting her. It even shows some scenes from the infamous fight scene between James and Edward. This movie is sure to be great with all of it's floor board ripping action. Check out more about this movie in twilight's Twilight Movie section.

Behind The Scenes

In this behind the scenes on the set clip, the Reelz channel goes on location to Portland, Oregon where is is cold, rainy, and dreary. That sounds kind of like a town we all know and love, Forks! They caught up with the actors Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan), and Taylor Lautner who plays Jacob Black. They got an exclusive interview with them, and their thoughts on the weather and the overall filming of this production so far. Reelz also caught up with Catherine Hardwick, the director for the Twilight movie. They got insightful words from her about the challenges of filming in a place where the weather is so dramatic.

In This exclusive Behind the scenes on the set video, the Reelz Channels goes behind the movie magic to talk to Taylor Lautner, playing Jacob Black. He discusses many interesting topics with Reelz. He talks about how he feels about the movie, what it is like to film in such a gloomy and clod place, and he even talks about having a wig on for the movie!

Official Movie Scenes

This is the first scene released to the public from MTV. This is the legendary fight scene between Edward Cullen and the tracker hunting Bella Swan, James. This clip starts out with Bella and James in the ballet studio where James is getting ready to kill Bella. It is only until Edward swoops in that Bella is safe. This movie looks very action-packed and the effects also look great! for more information on this movie visit the movie page on twilight

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